Prayer School will help you become stronger and more disciplined as you develop a praying lifestyle. Your prayers will become more effective, and you will have a greater sense that God is your companion throughout your day.

"Janet McHenry not only writes about prayer; she pursues it as a lifestyle and makes me hungry for the same."

- Joanna Weaver, author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Hi, I’m Janet McHenry.

For years I struggled in my Christian walk, feeling as though my prayer life was weak and wimpy. When I physically fell apart, I started walking to regain my strength and decided to fill my walking minutes by praying.

There was a lot of my-ness in those early prayers. That all changed one day when I saw a single dad turn over his blanketed little girl over to a daycare worker one morning before 6 o'clock. His little girl said, "Bye, Daddy. Love you." And I knew at that moment that God wanted me to open my eyes and pray for whatever I saw as I walked the streets of my little town.

My walking and praying turned into prayerwalking. And that practice developed a hunger to learn as much as I could about prayer. I began reading the Bible cover to cover to find anything related to what it meant to communicate with God. And eventually I wrote six books on prayer--one a bestseller--and started serving others in prayer ministries in my church and in other organizations.

Prayer School is here simply for you to learn that prayer is less about answers and more about access to the God who wants you to live a life that is strong, purposeful, and disciplined. May you develop a praying lifestyle as you start Looking Up!